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Monday, January 13, 2014

Wolf Moon Magic

Wolf Moon 

January’s full moon (11:52 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, January 15) is known in the Northern Hemisphere by many names, including the Cold Moon, the Moon After Yule, and the Wolf Moon. As a shaman, I detect three magical meanings associated with this moon.

Illuminating Your Path
Whether or not you made a New Year’s Resolution on January 1st, chances are you reflected at least momentarily on your life. The first full moon of the year illuminates your path for the coming year. If possible on January 15, spend a moment outside in the moonlight, or sit or sleep where the moonlight slants through your window. Write down your New Year’s resolution and place it beneath your pillow. Before you fall asleep, ask to be shown in your dreams how best to achieve your goal.

Wolf Totem                                                               Photo, Wikipedia

Some Native American First Nations named the January moon the Wolf Moon because they could hear the wolves, lean from winter’s scarcity, howling in the night. Wolf totems provide powerful lessons regarding:
1.     Self-reliance and trusting your instincts and inner power.
2.     Choosing well — wolves mate for life.
3.     Trust and cooperation — pack survival, cooperative parenting of the young, and balancing solitary time with group activities.
On the January Full Moon, meditate on how Wolf can best guide you.

Moon in Leo
The moon enters Leo the morning of the 16th. Leo’s motto is I WILL, an excellent energy to jumpstart resolutions and to define one’s path.

Photo: Wikipedia, UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Adorn your sacred space in white. Anoint a white or silver candle with olive oil sprinkled with nutmeg for luck, money, and good health. Ask your guardians or angels to protect you as you meditate. Then light the candle and ask Mother Moon to illuminate your path. Call upon Wolf’s spirit to aid you on your journey. Know that the great lion, Leo, empowers you with strength and willpower. Write down whatever comes to you in your meditation, whether or not it makes sense at the time. When your meditation is complete, thank and release your angels or guardians. If safe to do so, allow the candle to burn down. Otherwise, extinguish it with a snuffer or by pinching the flame between your forefinger and thumb.

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