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Friday, January 24, 2014

How to cast a Love Spell

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, my thoughts turn to romance and love spells. 

In my first book, Spell Check, Evie O'Reilly is desperate to prevent her best friend from casting a love spell directed at Evie's secret crush. As the Jefferson High gang quickly discovers, a love spell aimed at a specific person delivers terrible karmic repercussions. There is a better, safer way to attract love.

         A Safe, Simple, Powerful Love Spell:

Spells require focused intention. They are meditations. Think of the sort of love you desire while you follow these simple steps:
1.     Plan ahead so you can perform the love spell on a Friday, the day ruled by the Goddess Venus.
2.     Gather the following: 
A candle: Pink for love and friendship, or red for lustful love.
A small bowl filled with enough olive oil to coat the candle.
Petals from any of the following fresh garden-cut flowers (Do not use store-bought bouquets.): A pink or red rose, gardenia, hyacinth, pansy, jasmine, or orchid.
Ground cinnamon.

3.     Create a handwritten list of the qualities you most hope for in a new love.
4.     Mix together the flower petals, oil, and a pinch of cinnamon (optional).
5.     Have within reach some paper towels and the candle holder you plan to use. Using your hands (as opposed to a brush), coat the candle with the oil/flower/spice mixture. Begin at the bottom of the candle and work towards the middle. Then coat from the top to the middle. Infuse with positive thoughts of love as you work.
6.     Insert candle into the holder then place the holder atop your list.
7.     Burn candle completely in one day or one night, preferably a Friday.
8.     Do not leave the candle unattended. If you must leave, snuff (don’t blow) out the candle and relight it when you return.


Aim a love spell at a particular person. A binding love spell will harm you and the person you entrap. Trust the Universe will find you the best possible match.

copyright 2014 by Ariella Moon

Photo credit for jasmine flowers on a branch: copyright

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