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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What to do While Waiting For the Call

Last week I emailed my publisher the manuscript for the fourth novel in my Teen Wytche Saga. The emotions that crashed over me afterward were akin to those I experienced when I sent my only child off to college: anxiety, relief, and worry. Free and adrift, the second-guessing began. When Brilliant Beautiful Daughter had insisted on moving to college alone, I had fretted. Should I override her wishes and accompany her anyway? With the manuscript my internal critic worried, Should I have lessened the intensity of the plot? Will I lose my tween readers?

Worry feeds fear. She’ll hate college and drop out. (She didn’t. She graduated 7th in her class.) Worry energy supports a negative outcome. My book will be rejected because (fill in the blank). Instead or agonizing, take positive action.

5 Actions to Take While Waiting For the Call

1.     Think Transmedia
Brainstorm new forms your book might take utilizing fresh content, such as a graphic novel, a video, or an interactive game.
2.     Plot Your Publicity Campaign
Whether you are traditionally published, self-published, or published with a small press, you’ll need to promote your book. For small press authors in particular, this is a good time to create memes, investigate blog tours, brainstorm blog ideas and twitter campaigns, and polish your bio and blurb.
Aidan From Spell Struck
returns in Book 4 of the Teen Wytche Saga

3.     Update or Start a Series Bible
You may think you’ll remember the hair and eye color of every character, but trust me, you’ll forget. Since the Teen Wytche Saga is a Young Adult series, my entries for each character include:
Secret crush:
Character traits:
School issues:

Be sure to note returning characters.
4.     Feed the Social Media Beast
At minimum, you should have a professional-looking website. Build from there. Discover which social media you prefer. Yes, it is hard to find time to write your next novel when you are busy tweeting, blogging, creating boards, posting pictures, etc. But in the period between signing a contract and writing your next book, beef up your online presence.
5.     Write the next Book
Writers are pressured to write faster and faster these days. Don’t wait too long before you write, research, or outline your next book.

Positive actions taken now lower your anxiety level in the short-term. More importantly, they’ll lessen the pressure later when your manuscript has been accepted, and the crunch toward publication begins.
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