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Thursday, August 7, 2014

August Full Moon Magic

August Full Moon
Full Moon 2:09 pm Eastern Daylight Time, August10, 2014
Moon Void of course 6:12 pm (EDT) August 10, 2014
Moon enters Pisces 8:55 am (EDT), August 11, 2014

Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Red Moon

The August Aquarius Full Moon occurs in the northern hemisphere at a time of abundant corn and grain, and plentiful fish. It symbolizes the first harvest, a community effort.
This will be the closest and largest full moon of 2014. The moon will not be this close to Earth again until September 28, 2015. This most super of Super Moons will result in higher than normal tides along the coast. Expect emotional high tides as well.

"Campo de maize del sur de Ohio."
by Graylight. Originally posted to Flickr.
Used under Creative Commons

The keywords for Aquarius, an air sign, are: I KNOW. Usually, an Aquarius moon is a good time for team building, networking, and collaboration. But according to Llewellyn’s 2014 Daily Planetary Guide, “this month’s Full Moon is involved in a difficult T-square pattern with Saturn.” Saturn’s energy is akin to pulling on the reins while ride a galloping horse. Resistance, boundaries, and conservative thoughts and actions characterize Saturn energy. It may be difficult to build community when the tumultuous, masculine, I KNOW force of the Aquarius Super Moon slams against the “No way” energy of Saturn.

Full Moon Web Magic 

"A Gift From the Universe"
By William Waterway
Used under Creative Commons
You will need paper and colored markers or colored pencils.
How do we regain the harvest-time teamwork of our ancestors under the opposing forces present this full moon? Begin by identifying the communities you belong to: professional, personal, local, and global. Using a pencil, draw a symbol to represent you. Then map out your groups around you, using circles for each group. Add lines linking each group since they all connect through you. What emerges is a web.

You Are the Weaver
What does your web reveal about you? Is it well balanced between work, family, friends and community? Or is there an imbalance? Have you been neglecting a group within your web? Are you all work and no play, or vice versa? Does your web indicate too much volunteer work, or not enough? Do you need to change your role within one of your groups — step up or step down? Does your web show a lack of community?

Full Moon Ritual
1.     Create a (regular) pencil diagram of your communities.
2.     Place your diagram in the moonlight or where you can see the moon.
3.     Identify imbalances.
·      If desired, add a group you’d like to belong to and draw it in green. Imagine yourself welcomed into that community or one even better.
     With moonlight and nurturing light
           I grow a place for me
                      In a new community.

·      Any group containing a relationship or situation that needs healing, circle in blue. Meditate on what you can do to heal the relationship or situation. Picture it done.
     With moonlight and healing light
     I send soothing energy
    Into this fractured community.

·      Any group you want to devote more energy to, circle in green.
With moonlight and nurturing light
I create a new opportunity
To be active in this community.

·      Any group you need to release, trace over in gold or silver, the colors of the god and goddess.
With Moonlight and farewell light
I release me
From this community. 

"Spider Web in the Fall."
By Carriec. Used under Creative Commons.

4.     Place your hands a few inches above the paper, palms facing down. Close your eyes and picture a shaft of moonlight entering your third eye and illuminating a replica of the diagram in your mind. Once the drawing has revealed itself, imagine the moonlight running down your arms and exiting through your palms onto the diagram.
5.     In your mind’s eye, light up the green circles with an apple green light. The light sparkles, nurturing these groups and your involvement within them.
6.     Mentally bring forth any group circled in blue. Illuminate them in a pale blue light. Envision the healing light suffusing the members of the group and bringing its members into harmony.
7.     Suffuse group(s) to release in either gold or silver light. Picture the group(s) detaching from your web, yielded up to the god or goddess for your highest good, and for the highest good of the group.

Sit with your drawing until you feel you’ve received all messages and insights concerning your place within your communities. Thank the moon for lending its energy and illumination.

Blessed Be
Ariella Moon
©2014 by Ariella Moon

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