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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ann Evan's Paranormal Suspense Novel, CELESTE

Today's spotlight is on UK author Ann Evans and her new release, Celeste,  Astraea Press.

Your past can catch up with you, but can you catch up with your past – and survive?

When Megan Miller moves to a new city she is suddenly plagued by feelings of déjà vu.
She starts to have dreams and memories of people and places – so real that it breaks her heart.
She soon realises that she has lived – and died before.  Her name had been Celeste. Only now some ancient, ominous presence is following her, haunting her, whispering in  her ear... Where did you hide it?


“Megan! You slammed the door right in Jamie's face! Megan... are you okay? Speak to me will you?”

“Hello! Earth calling Megan, anyone home?”

Someone was shaking her arm. She turned and saw the face looking down at her from behind a dark hood.

“Leave me alone!” she screamed, twisting free and backing away.

“What's up with her?”

“Megan, it's okay... It's us... Oh Jamie! She looks terrified!”

“Hey, chill.” said Jamie, his hands reaching out from under his dark robe's sleeves, trying to grab her again. “Man! Look at her eyes! She's totally freaked out.”

“Oh Jamie, what can we do?”

Megan stared at the two anxious faces staring at her. Others were weaving around her. Everyone was dressed similarly – in uniform – school uniform.  She was in school - not at home in her village about to have dinner with her family. She was in school, even though she could smell the thick broth her mother had made... she was in school, and her parents would be long dead by now.

Her knees buckled.

“Catch her Jamie!”

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Author Bio.
Ann Evans is an English author living in Coventry in the West Midlands.  She began writing just as a hobby when her children were small. That hobby became a career and a way of life. She has three grown up children and five young grandchildren.
Ann writes fiction and non fiction for both adults and children. She has more than 1,000 articles published on a wide variety of topics. She worked at her local newspaper, the Coventry Telegraph for 13 years where she was a feature writer, writing about food, gardens, travel and pets.

She does author visits to schools, runs writing classes and workshops and is a member of The Society of Women Writers & Journalists.

Ann says it took a lot of perseverance to get her first book, Cry Danger published back in 1995. Since then she has written and published over a dozen other children's books plus two romances under the name Ann Carroll, and a 'step by step' book on writing. Her latest book, Celeste will be book number eighteen.

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