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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween With The Teen Wytche Saga


The Magick

On Halloween do not dwell

Where a wytche casts her spell.

Nor stand ye by graveyard stones 

Lest angry spirits rattle their bones.

An altar honoring yer ancestors set

So good fortune ye shall get.

Light a candle, hold a feast

When midnight comes so does the beast.

Be it jealousy, insecurity, or doubt

 What no longer serves, ye must rout.

There be but one way to win the bout

Look within, not without.

Cauldron, wand, and bell will be

Of little use without thee.

Drawn from above and below

Evil vanquished by Good's glow.

Click your heels, so mote it be.

The magick was always within thee.

Copyright 2013Ariella Moon

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