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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chuck Wendig on Writing Young Adult Novels

At Astraea Press, the rule is clean teen fiction. Publisher Stephanie Taylor created a niche market for teens and adults who want great stories without some of life's in-your-face realities. Her philosophy particularly resounds with younger teens and middle schoolers who are advanced readers, desire a big story, but aren't ready for, or who do not want to read edgier fare. As an AP author, I constantly strive to deliver a compelling story with sympathetic and realistic characters. Secrets, and the power they hold over us, is an ongoing theme in my Teen Wytche Saga (Spell Fire, Book 3 releases October 22). I stay within the Astraea Press boundaries, sometimes while protesting loudly. Just ask my long-suffering editor!
Clean teen fiction is hardly the norm. Chuck Wendig delves into YA publishing in his "28 Things (it was 25 but he kept adding) You Should Know About Young Adult Fiction."
For those of you with delicate sensibilities, be warned. Chuck uses adult language.
See you next week when I reveal the cover, blurb, excerpts, and more for Spell Fire, Book 3: The Teen Wytche Saga.
~Ariella Moon

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