1. Chemistry. Regardless of the heat level of your story, there should be a visceral response when the hero and heroine first meet.
  2. Timing. The meet should occur within the first couple chapters. I break this rule in my upcoming YA novel, Spell Fire, Book 3, The Teen Wytche Saga. Why? Because it is a book with romantic elements, not a romance. (Nevertheless, I fear a backlash from my readers.)
  3. Emotion. Emotions engage the reader. Show why these two characters are destined to be together. Give the reader compelling reasons to root for the romance to succeed.
  4. Obstacles. What factors stand between the hero and heroine getting their happy ending?
  5. Specifics. Words like “handsome” and “beautiful” are too general, and mean different things to different people.
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Jennifer is the author of Knight of the Dead. 
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