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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday's Wisdom Card

Messages of Life
I had planned to pull from my animal totem deck this week. But on Monday, I met a woman whose teenage daughter, Laurel Alice Williams, had died in a drunk driving accident. The woman created a foundation in Laurel's memory, and as a fundraiser, was selling huge, heart-shaped chocolates stamped with an image of Laurel with angel wings. The mother's story stayed with me. If you'd like to learn more, please visit: The Laurel Alice Williams Foundation.

I wasn't too surprised when I was unable to find my animal totem cards tonight. Instead, I unearthed Mario Duguay's Messages of Life, a deck I do not use too often. The deck was given to me by a friend who had lost her young son in an automobile accident many years ago. Clearly, the angels wanted to be heard. I asked for their guidance. "Which card will my readers need to see this week?" The answer was: Truth.

Your soul knows the truth. When in doubt, look inward. The truth will come to you.
Please. Never drink and drive, and never drive with someone who is drunk. Call your parents. Call a sober friend. They will come get you.

May love and light always surround you.

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