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Monday, April 30, 2012

STAR Testing

It's Star Testing week for many of my readers,  teens I tutor, and my brother, who is a teacher. If your school is testing this week, follow these tips to boost your score and lower your anxiety.

Before the test:
Get as much sleep as possible and eat a healthy breakfast, preferably one with some protein.

During the test:

1. Breathe.  Before you begin the test, exhale a long, cleansing breath.
2. Ground.  Imagine roots sprouting from your feet and anchoring you to the earth.
3. Tell yourself, "I can do this."
4. Allow your mind to open.  All that you have learned and need to know for the test will flow to you.
5. Trust yourself. The first answer you instinctively choose is usually the correct one.
6.  Relax. Lower your shoulders.  This will relieve tension and allow the chi, and answers, to flow.

Good luck!  I know you will do an awesome job!

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