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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Holly Black's First Book For Adults

 Book of Night by Holly Black


Holly Black takes a dark turn in Book of Night, her first novel for adults. Black plunges readers into a sordid world populated by con artists, thieves, and occult figures, where shadows can be altered and manipulated.


Usually, I abandon novels where the main character appears caught in an unending loop of bad decisions. Black’s latest protagonist, Charlie Hall, a life-long con artist and thief, checks all the boxes. But I stuck with Charlie’s story because of my tremendous appreciation for Holly Black’s Young Adult and Middle Grade novels and my faith in her story telling. Sure enough, Black drew me in with her deft world building and illuminating back-stories. I even began rooting for Charlie. Stick with Book of Night and you, too, will hope Holly Black’s memorable characters find their happy endings. 

Happy reading!


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