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Monday, February 13, 2023

Be Your Own Date for Valentine's Day!

Feeling overwhelmed by the bombardment of ads showing happy couples?

Shift from a sense of lack to a sense of joy, peace, and gratitude. 
Here are some tips to avoid the pressure and boost your morale:

1. Host a casual gathering with friends. Have a pizza party. Watch a movie. Play a sport. Time spent with friends reminds us of how lucky we are to have special people in our life.

2. Hike the great outdoors. Nature is the great healer. Even just a walk around your neighborhood can boost your mood. Greet the people you meet. Make their day and yours.

3. Do good. If the walk around your neighborhood highlights problems, then spend time bagging up litter or help a neighbor in need.

4. Spread love. Perform random acts of kindness.

5. Escape into a good book. Reading is my favorite escape! Before you know it, the big heart day will have passed.

If you are tempted to perform a love spell... I suggest you first read SPELL CHECK, a sweet romance about a teen's attempt to stop her best friend from casting  a wrongful love spell. Book 1, The Teen Wytche Saga.

Happy reading!


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