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Monday, May 25, 2020

Countdown to Kindle ebook 99 cents sale

What if Merlin and the Lady of the Lake were powerful, 
headstrong youths who each loved someone beyond their reach?

The Amber Elixir
99 cents Kindle ebook sale
May 30-June 6, 2020

Oh, the people (and fairies, shape-shifters, and a certain famous wizard) you will meet during the countdown to my kindle book sale! First up: the New Lady of the Lake. #ArthurianLegends

Dragonflies always reminded me of fairies so I wondered, what if evil fairies shape-shifted into dragonflies? Now I think of Queen Mab whenever I see a golden dragonfly.

THE AMBER ELIXIR Kindle 99 cents May 30-June 6.

Have you ever made a choice that cost you a friend or a love? 

The Amber Elixir countdown to Kindle 99 cents sale. May 30-June 

I imagine young Merlin as having Sherlock Holme's brains, the impatience some super-smart people have for those less quick (You know who you are!), and the vengefulness of one frustrated by unrequited love and unable to detach. 

The Amber Elixir 99 cents Kindle ebook sale. May 30-June 6.

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