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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ariella Moon: Featured Speaker at the Palm Springs Writers Guild

Writers Helping Writers
Ariella Moon and Carol Mann
Address the Palm Springs Writers Guild

Ariella Moon at the Palm Springs Writers Guild
May 2019

Many writers shy away from public speaking, Not me. Last Saturday before the Palm Springs Writers Guild, I gave my first ever PowerPoint presentation. (Do not judge.) In the spirit of Writers Helping Writers, my topic was "Your Author's Voice: The Foundation to Building Your Brand."

Fellow presenter Carol Mann gave a wonderful and informative talk on "Writing, Art, and Collaboration," using illustrations from her beautiful book, All Ways A Woman. AMAZON

Carol Mann with an illustration by Lynn Centeno
Palm Springs Writers Guild

After the presentation, it was such a pleasure to meet Sophia Franz, 12th Grade 2nd Place Winner, pictured below with (L-R) Rancho Mirage High School English Department Chair, Robin Hinchliffe-Lopez and Palm Springs Writers Guild President-Elect, Marly Bergerud.

My thanks to Mark Anderson of AquaZebra for allowing me to share sharing his photos.

Next Up: "Transmedia: Storytelling Across Multiple Platforms" boot camp.

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