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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Could You Become Trapped in Fairy?

Do you believe in fairies?

Remember those cautionary tales about being lured into Fairy? Heed them. I didn’t, and the first time I entered a fairy forest, I became so entranced, I was nearly trapped there forever. The voice inside my head kept warning, “You don’t want to be here after dark.” But it was hard to listen to reason when I had just spotted my first real fairy. Up close. And it wasn’t anything like I had imagined.

As the shadows deepened in the fairy forest, and a stone spirit glowered beside a waterfall where violet fairy orbs floated in the air, my inner voice persisted. Finally, I tore myself from the fairies trooping in formation in the water. I followed the muddy path along the swift-moving stream. At one point, a tiny, twig-like fairy flew across the path in front of me, and darted into the bramble. I gaped in wonder. Mossy-faced tree spirits watched me. Friends behind me on the trail prodded me onward. But one woman had stopped at the foot of a mossy tree, entranced by a little gnome that kept popping out and waving to her. She tried to photograph him, but he was too quick. When she left a crystal at the base of the tree, he darted out, snatched the prize, and then disappeared into the tree before she could snap his picture. Finally, as the forest closed in around us, she gave up.

At last, the stream led to a sunny meadow. There with the forest behind me, I felt many eyes trained on my back. After a moment, I sensed the denizens of Fairy retreat. I released a long breath.

I had lived to tell the tale.

Praise for The Beltane Escape by Ariella Moon
Book One, The Two Realms Trilogy

“…a fast-paced adventure that is equal parts Harry Potter, Game of Thrones (a PG version) and Alice in Wonderland.” An iTunes Reader

“I want the second one, I want more of everything. More Fenella, more Wizards, more Fae, more half-Viking hotties…just more of everything! If this novel has any foreshadowing of how the rest of the series is going to be, I can’t wait!” Jessica, Taking It One Book at a Time


Lady Fenella, Thaness of Thorburn, has no idea her fate is shackled to a powerful sorceress. She believes Merlin and the Lady of the Lake are myths, Gran’s warnings about Fairy are superstition, and Fairy was invented to make children behave. But a spell cast forward to sixteenth century Scotland finds Fenella and leads to her being branded, stolen, and betrothed. Traumatized and separated from her clan, the Highland heiress finds an unexpected ally in her kidnapper’s son. But their fragile romance is tested when the Lady of the Lake lures Fenella’s cousin into Fairy. Fenella has seconds to decide. Should she remain with Edward, or should she dive into Fairy to rescue her beloved cousin, endangering her clan, and abandoning Edward to his ruthless father?

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