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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Spell Check: Where First Love and Magic Collide

Halloween is almost upon us! Everyone is looking for a great Halloween-themed read. I am fortunate that many fabulous authors are spotlighting The Teen Wytche Saga, and especially the first book, Spell Check on their blogs and websites. Here are a few:

Ever wonder about the origins of Halloween and trick-or-treating? Read my guest post on Krysten Lindsay Hager's blog.

“Spell Check is a great story for the young adult or the young at heart. I enjoyed the vicarious experience of falling in love, dealing with secrets, and working out best friend issues.” ~ Long and Short Reviews

Ashley Stambaugh places the entire Teen Wytche Saga in the spotlight.

TC Booth is featuring great Halloween reads on her wonderful blog, including Spell Check!

Tens lists from Evie and Salem, and Halloween guest posts on shamanism, Halloween/Samhain, and more coming soon!

~Ariella Moon

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