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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ghostly Encounters

This month I will delve into Halloween/Samhain, giving you an insider’s peek at Ghosts, Witches, and the Beloved Dead. So curl up with a black cat and cup of apple cider. First up:

Ghostly Encounters

In my work as a shaman and psychic, my encounters with ghosts fall on the spectrum from sweet to disturbing. Very few are sweet. Among the nicest spirits are those who attend the bedside of the dying. If they give me their name, I’ll ask the family, “Is there a Margaret who has passed?” Usually the first presence I notice is a towering angel. Minutes may tick by before I sense the less commanding spirits, family or friends. They position themselves near the dying person, whereas the angel stands back. But all are there to guide the new spirit into the Light.

One ghost who desperately needed help with her transition was Maryanne. One of the sweetest, and most heart-wrenching ghosts I have ever encountered, Maryanne had been trapped for decades in the surgery of a closed medical center. As soon as I entered the cavernous building with its warren of connecting rooms, Maryanne rushed up to me and told me her name. I felt her anxious presence beside me as the building’s owner led me to the dark, windowless operating room. It was a relief for all of us when a hand (I can’t remember if it was Maryannne’s mother of grandmother) reached down to guide her out. In gratitude, Maryanne surprised me by aiding me in a few subsequent spirit rescues. I was touched by her assistance.

Not all ghosts are as sweet as Maryanne. I was once stuck in a hotel room where a knife-wielding spirit kept re-enacting a crime she had committed. Fortunately, the knife only existed on the spirit realm. But unlike some ghosts, which I can only hear, or see as a shimmering form, the hotel room ghost was as vivid as a movie. Hard to sleep when an enraged woman keeps coming at you, over and over, with a raised knife!

As we progress through October and the veil between worlds thins, be aware if a departed loved one keeps entering your thoughts. (For me, it is often a particular beloved pet.) Acknowledge them with love, for they are visiting you from the Other Side.

If you prefer your ghostly encounters to happen safely within a novel, I invite you to read my Teen Wytche Saga, Spell Check, Spell Struck, Spell Fire, and Spell For Sophia.


~Ariella Moon
Copyright © 2015 Ariella Moon

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