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Monday, December 15, 2014

Maria Ann Green on Self-harm, Depression, and Overcoming Obstacles

Last week author Maria Ann Green was in the spotlight with her new Young Adult novel, In the Rearview. The subject matter - self-harm and depression - is so important, I asked Maria to write a follow-up post on why she wrote the book.

Why I wrote REARVIEW: 
I had the idea for In the Rearview as far back as when I was in middle and high school. I knew people going through the same issues that take place in the book. Depression, self-harm, and issues like these are surprisingly common in adolescence. I wanted to tell the story so many suffer through in a way that shed some light on the pain while also giving hope to those who can relate.  I also wanted to do something completely different than anything else I’ve read before, and I love poetry, so I told a lot of the story in that way. I started it over ten years ago, and it was just published in 2014. I began with writing the poetry, then I added Meagan's (the main character) diary entries, and finally I wove in the narrative parts. Eventually, when it was all combined, IN THE REARVIEW told a story of heartbreak, healing, and hope. It's a story I was familiar with, and one I genuinely hope will help some readers. It's a unique version of a universal story about struggling, and learning to overcome obstacles to come out the other side of those problems a bit stronger. 

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