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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November's Moon Magic

November’s Full Moon 2014

Photo by Cheryl Reynolds, Courtesy of Worth A Dam
Wikimedia, creative commons
Mourning Moon, Beaver Moon, Full Frost Moon

November’s Taurus full moon appears on Thursday the sixth at 5:23 pm Eastern Standard Time. Expect to feel the force of Venus, Goddess of Love, ruler of Taurus, as she illuminates your hidden feelings concerning love and sensuality. Because Taurus’s motto is “I HAVE,” you may also find yourself focused on money matters. Since Taurus governs the throat, it is also a time to pursue questions you may have about money or a relationship. Ask yourself, “What is the truth I am not speaking? What questions have I been afraid to ask?”

Full moons are a time of expansion and completion, a time to perform magic for what you would like to increase. But remember to invest your time in the mundane tasks that support magic. For example, some Native Americans called the November moon the Beaver Moon because it marked the time when beaver traps needed to be set in order to have furs for winter. Magic performed through chants, dance, or spells were backed by actively tending to practical matters. If you are uncertain what tasks or steps you need to take to achieve love and/or abundance, consider performing the following ritual.

Full Moon Illumination Ritual

·      Begin by creating a quiet sacred space. Place any crystals you wish to charge in a safe place where moonlight will bathe them during the night.
·      Light a white candle. If you’d like, light incense.
·      Have a pen and paper in hand.
·      Close your eyes and clear your mind. If the day’s problems intrude upon your meditation, cast them off as they enter your mind. Have a mental fleet of balloons ready. When an intrusive thought appears, mentally place it in a basket connected to a balloon and launch it. Envision the balloon carrying the problem away.
·      With your mind clear, slow your breath.
·      Tilt back your head, exposing your throat.
·      Ask your guides, What steps should I take to attract _______________ into my life?
·      Lower your chin. Write down every thought that comes to you. Don’t judge, edit, or reject. Just write the words.
·      When the messages stop, thank your guides for the information.

·      Read your list. How many items had you thought of before, but had resisted implementing? Perhaps now is the time to finally act.

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