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Monday, September 15, 2014

Food and Fragrance Blog Hop Tour

Food and Fragrance Blog Hop

I’d like to thank author Jennifer Comeaux, author of Crossing the Ice, for inviting me to join the Food and Fragrance Blog Tour.

Food! I made myself hungry with all the brownies and pizzas in Spell Check, Book #1 in the Teen Wytche Saga. By the time I wrote the third book in the series, Spell Fire, I had switched to healthier fare — turkey sandwiches and organic apples. Expect sugar and spice in my upcoming  fourth novel, Spell For Sophia, Young Adult fantasy romance (Astraea Press, November 2014).

Fragrance! As you’ll see below, an angry spell book can be pretty noisome!

If my character were a glass of wine...
Sophia, is a foster teen that makes the mistake of looking-up her lawless bio-parents. Wine? My beta reader suggested Malbec because Sophia is fiery, complex, and Latina.

Feta Avocado Chicken Salad
What sort of meal is my book?
Spell For Sophia is a paranormal romance with an awesome New Orleans time travel twist. Sophia is fond of gumbo and beignets. But her BFF Ainslie loves California Cuisine. Spell For Sophia is both — a mashup of flavors and cultures — fresh, organic, varied, and satisfying. 

The enduring power of friendship is an underlying theme in three of the books in the Teen Wytche Saga, including Spell For Sophia. When long-separated friends Sophia and Ainslie think of each other, they think of sleepovers and munching popcorn popped in Ainslie’s home theater popcorn machine.

Your character's choice of candy?
Candy is in short supply when Sophia takes refuge with a voodoo priestess who has withdrawn deep in the bayou. The hero, Breaux, is the kind of guy who’d give Sophia Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds. He’d want her to feel special, eat candy that has some nutritional value, and heed the advice printed on the inside of the purple foil wrapper.

What sort of fragrance would be associated with your book?
Alas, swamp water and brimstone! In the Teen Wytche Saga, an ever-expanding group of teens protect a grimoire that keeps morphing in appearance and magic. In Spell For Sophia the spell book has gone dark and voodoo. If you dare open it, the grimoire will emit a foul mist.

What is your most memorable meal?
Thanksgivings were always insane.  My mother has been known to tell everyone to bring dessert. It took my siblings and me a few years to catch on and to offer to bring healthy side dishes. Otherwise, Thanksgiving was turkey, mashed potatoes, and a lot of pies. No wonder I have a sugar addiction!
How would you describe your writing?
Deceptive. New readers to the Teen Wytche Saga might expect the books to be frothy because they are sweet romances. They'll discover the serious, often life-altering issues my characters face — parental death, sibling rivalry, mental illness, child abduction, poverty, and more.

Preferred salty snack? Almonds or popcorn!

Find out more about the Teen Wytche Saga here. 

Next up on the blog tour will be Krysten Lindsay Hager, who will tell us about her latest release, True Colors, and Teresa Howard, author of the new historical romance, For Love Alone.

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