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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Researching the Big Easy

The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in New Orleans coincided with my desperate need for in-person research for books 4 and 5 of my Teen Wytche Saga. The adventure begins:

Day One
New Orleans isn’t the best place for an energy-sensitive shaman with a deadly shellfish allergy. As the shuttle driver from the New Orleans Airport rattled off one restaurant after the other that featured what equaled death-on-a-plate for me, I began to seriously regret not acquiring an EPI pen before I left the desert.

Goals for the New Orleans:
1.     Do research for books 4 and 5 in the Teen Wytche Saga.
2.     Meet up with my Astraea Press colleagues at the RT Booklovers Convention.
3.      Avoid anaphylactic shock.

Terminator 5
My quest to avoid starvation and a trip to the Emergency Room took me east on Common Street in search of Dominica restaurant. On Baronne Street, I encountered white trucks blocking the street. Hollywood had come to town! Locals walking past me voiced (fill in the expletives of your choice) their anger/frustration over the disruption of traffic. The support trucks were for the filming of Terminator 5. California’s former Govenator was nowhere in sight, but I met several very nice (and busy) guys. Note to self: wear make-up and high heels more often.

Food of the Day
OMG! Go to Domenica and order the Tartufo. Dark chocolate semifreddo, malted chocolate, and candied orange. Beyond fabulous!

Next: Walking the wrong side of town in search of the mambo queen.

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