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Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Fun Facts About Ariella Moon

Earlier this week, 50 Astraea Press authors, including me, participated in a marathon Facebook Fan Fest. One of the highlights for me was reading each author's 10 Fun Facts. In case you missed it, here are mine:

                                                      Photo by Charlie Stinchcomb

Little Known Facts
1.     I’m tiny. Bigger than Tinkerbelle. Taller than the Seven Dwarves. But eye-to-eye with middle school students.
2.     I’m allergic to cats. So, of course, they adore me.
3.     I won a national essay contest in the 6th grade.
4.     I know a teacup Chihuahua named Nano and a Dachshund named Elphaba.
5.     I once worked a J.K. Rowling book signing. She was very nice. J
6.     I used to kidnap my daughter from school (okay, I’d lie and say she had an “appointment”) so we could see the first showing of the Harry Potter movie.
7.     I grew up on Moon Drive.
8.      I’m a shaman and an author, so chances are, if you need me, I’m in another realm.
9.     I once worked as a psychic on a police case.

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