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Monday, May 20, 2013

Beltane Bowls

Monday’s Magic

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Beltane Bowls

Intention bowls (Prayer Bowls, Bedside Bowls, Altar Bowls) are an attractive, portable way to concentrate magical intent. The bowls can focus on any purpose—love, protection, prosperity, etc. May is a good month to harness the fiery, passionate energies of Beltane, the Celtic fire and fertility festival. Do you wish to attract love? Is there a project you are passionate about and want to fuel its success? Is there a garden or special idea you wish to nurture and see grow?

Step One – Pick Your Focus
Magic works best if you concentrate on a single focus. From this step until the last, you create a moving meditation that gathers focused energy. Each step increases the magic.

Step Two – Choose or Create a Bowl
The bowl’s color or shape should boost your magical intent. Certain colors have specific associations—red/love; pink/friendship & harmony; gold or green/prosperity; teal/decision making; pale blue/healing or protection; orange/business projects and attraction; etc.— but since the magic stems from you, use whatever color you feel empowers your intent. With each item you place into the bowl, envision your dream coming true. Remember- do not direct love spells at a particular person!

Step Three – Gather Items for Your Bowl
·      The options are endless.
·      You can use stones and plants associated with Beltane: frankincense, roses, lemon balm, quartz crystals, sunstone/aventurine, orange calcite, and malachite.
·      You can collect symbolically shaped objects, i.e. heart-shaped for love.
·      You can intermix handwritten affirmations (anything from “NY Times Bestselling Author” to “Abundance” or “Growing Good Health”) with appropriately colored stones. (As a general guideline, follow the colors listed in Step One. This is an abbreviated list. If you aren’t sure what color to use, ask me!)

Step Four – Power Placement
Place your Beltane Bowl where you will see it every day. Every time you glance at it, you will consciously on unconsciously send energy to fuel your magical intent. Place it where feel right to you, or follow the principles of feng shui and place it in the appropriate are of your home or creative workspace.

Step Five – Keep it Clean
Keep your Beltane Bowl well dusted. Depending on its intent, you may want to occasionally charge it under the sun or set it outside during the full moon so it can be bathed in moonlight.

For fabulous bowl ideas and more photos, go to click on the Altar and Shrine Index and scroll down to Bedside Bowls. 

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