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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Shaman's Earth Day-The Monday Muse

Every day is Earth Day when you are a shaman. We are attuned to the spirits of the land, the Plant People, the Stone People, the animals and elementals. Since moving to the desert six months ago, I've stayed connected to the totems who aided my healing work and writing. But their presence has faded as I attune to the spirits of my new place. In the desert, the element Air dominates. Every day I see numerous hummingbirds, butterflies, and dragonflies. High winds turn the windmills at the wind farms outside of town and blow dust and grit into my home.

Sand lurks beneath every surface, and tiny biting ants lurk in the sand beneath the grass and skitter across sidewalks, waiting for an unsuspecting bare foot or paw. I usually plant vegetables or herbs on Earth Day. This year, I'll leave the ground to the sand piranhas. Instead of planting, I will honor Mother Earth by providing water for the Winged Ones. In the photo above, (taken by Helen Richardson) a hummingbird visits my fountain.

Miss Gracie, of course, wants me to plant something. She is not fond of the biting ants, but she loves dog-friendly nurseries. The day is young. She may yet get her wish.

Peace and well-being to Mother Earth.

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