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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Be What You Want to Attract
            Put that phrase on a sticky note and post it where you will see it every day.  Then make a list of the qualities you desire in a soul mate.  Remember: Like Attracts Like.  To attract someone who is fun to be with and adventurous, become fun and adventurous.  Pursue whatever qualities you wish to attract in a mate and nurture them within yourself.  Join a class or Meetup for people who share your passion.  This will create an energetic shift within you, and place you physically in the realm of someone with similar interests.  

Love Spells

Remember that list you made of desirable qualities for your ideal soul mate?  Take another look at it.  The correct way to do a love spell is to ask the Universe to bring you a man or woman (Be specific.  Otherwise, you might end up with a new pet) who has the qualities you listed.  One witch I know found her soul mate through this sort of love spell.  Unfortunately, she forgot to add “good health” to the list, and was heartbroken when her husband died at an early age.
Never direct a love spell at a specific person.  Serious karmic consequences will ensue.  Besides, why would you want someone who was only with you because of binding magic?  Respect free will.  You may, however, name a particular person in a releasing spell, because you are not trying to control his or her fate, just your own.

Spell for Loving Yourself
I am Beauty; I am Light,
I am Wisdom and Heart’s Delight,
I am Strength; I am Mirth,
I am Goodness; I have Worth.

For spells to attract love and to release heartache, please go to my spells page.

Plant Magic For Love

Cornflower:  Use for abundance of love and/or fertility.  Plant in garden for feeling of abundance, or dry flowers and keep in containers away from the light.

Jasmine:  Flower of sensual love and enduring physical attraction.  Breathe in the scent of the fresh flowers or add a few drops of jasmine oil to almond oil and dab on the body.

Lavender:  Cleanses emotional shadows from the heart.  Mix leaves with oil and then coat a candle with the mixture for candle magick.  Talismans.

White Lily:  Keep around you to purify anger, jealousy.  Use with a ruby if you are ready to move on to a new love.

Rose:  Long used in love magick, including healing love.  Distill petals in water and add to the bath, wear rose hips strung like beads to attract love, place a single rose in a vase on your personal altar.

Rosemary:  Burn to cleanse and purify.  Leaves may be used in talismans to attract love and lust.  Mix leaves with oil then coat a candle with the mixture for candle magick.

Witch Hazel:  Throw a handful of leaves into the bath to bring about charm, attractiveness, and make you irresistible.

 Resources:  Cunningham’s Enclyclopedia of Magical Herbs, by Scott Cunningham; Good Magick, by Marina Medici; Love Magic, by Sally Morningstar.


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