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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mountain Fire Spreads

Mountain Fire, Day 5

The nation's top priority fire rages a scant few miles away. Today was the first day ash and soot didn't rain down upon my home, and breathing was a little easier. Winds are strong and fickle in these parts. They, the steep and rugged terrain, and the triple digit heat that remains in the 80s overnight, make this fire difficult to contain. 

On the best of days, desert residents stay indoors to avoid the summer heat. After sunset, heat still radiates around me. A neighbor watching the blaze on the sidewalk beside me says, "It's too hot out here. I'm sweating. I'm going inside." I can't imagine how the firefighters manage with their 45 pounds of gear, working in the belly of the dragon.

Like all the residents in the towns and cities threatened by the fire, I am grateful for the brave, hard-working men and women - 3,000 strong - fighting the blaze. Stay safe and good luck. 
~Ariella Moon

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