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Three Wishes ~ A Magical YA Novel from Deborah Kreiser

Deborah Kreiser and her YA debut novel, Three Wishes, is in the spotlight today. 

Three Wishes looks like such a fun read! I love your choices for Book Boyfriends!


Tall and lanky, Genie Lowry is only noticed at academic awards assemblies—until the day she turns 17 1/2, when her body changes from Kate-Hudson-flat to Katy-Perry-curvy—and she finds out she’s a real, live genie. Suddenly, every guy at school is paying attention to her, including Pete Dillon, her never-in-a-million-years crush.

But to gain her full powers and keep her new body, Genie has to find a master, and she’s not sure if Pete’s Master (or Mr.) Right. With help from her dead mother’s interactive diary and an imposing mentor with questionable motives, Genie uncovers the family history and genie rules she never knew. She grapples with her new powers and searches for the perfect master as she tries to make her own wishes come true.


Sitting in French class, I let my mind wander back to my grandmother’s cryptic statement this morning. “It’s December sixth. You’re seventeen-and-a-half now, and today is the day you become a woman,” she warned. In the rush to get out the door, I hadn’t paid close attention, and chalked it up to her usual absent-mindedness.

I puzzle over her words for another moment before brushing it off. After all, this is the same woman who tells me I “hit the nail on the nose” when I get things right.

Leia, my best friend, sits to my left. Catching my attention, she mouths “what?” and gestures with a nod to the front of the room, where Madame Houle is describing how we’ll be preparing for the Advanced Placement exam. I shrug back at her. Languages have always been a cinch for me, so this is the one class where I’m not too worried.

The same is not true for AP Bio, AP European history, or AP English, which fill the rest of my day. By the time school ends, I’m exhausted. “What was I thinking, anyway, signing up for such a hard year?” I complain to Leia, yet again, as we get in the car to drive to swim practice. “Aren’t seniors supposed to skate through?”

“Get real. Don’t try pretending you’re not an overachiever.” She laughs. “We all know you want to get out of sleepsville St. Philomena and go off to college.”

“Whatever.” I poke her arm with my elbow. “Don’t we all?” Looking around at the emptying parking lot, I ask, “So, just us two today?”

“My brother’s getting a ride home from Kaydee,” she tells me, pulling a face. “I can’t imagine what he would see in her.”

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If Deborah Kreiser had three wishes, they would include: a lifetime supply of calorie-free chocolate, a self-cleaning house; and the ability to expand time as needed. When not dreaming of her next plot, she teaches nature programs to preschool kids in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters.

There are so many to choose from! These guys are what leap to mind. They're all super-nice, super-hot, and support their girlfriends in all things that matter. The fact that they're great kissers doesn't hurt, either.

5. Jase from MY LIFE NEXT DOOR by Huntley Fitzpatrick
4. Justin from EFFORTLESS WITH YOU by Lizzy Charles
3. Percy Jackson from his own series by Rick Riordan
2. Four from the DIVERGENT series by Veronica Roth
1. Peeta from THE HUNGER GAMES series by Suzanne Collins

Deborah Kreiser

YA debut THREE WISHES coming April 15 from Astraea Press
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Spell Struck Giveaway

RONE Award nominee, Spell Struck, Book 2, The Teen Wytche Saga
is one of two books featured today at 
the Romance Studio's Book-A-Day Giveaway. 
Enter to win your chance at a free ebook copy:

Eric Edson's Story Solution

Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey has long been my Go To book for plotting and story structure. So I was intrigued when Eric Edson presented “Cracking Screen Story Structure” to the Palm Springs Writers Guild. Edson has developed a new paradigm that builds upon Vogler’s work and takes it in a new direction. He shares all in his book, The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take.  

Edson is a screenplay writer for movies and television, and is a Professor of Screenwriting and Directing of the Graduate MFA Program in Screenwriting at California State University, Northridge. He lectures through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting from UCLA. So it is no surprise that he developed his theory of story structure after analyzing numerous successful movies.

Hero Goal Sequences

At the heart of Edson’s approach to story structure are Hero Goal Sequences.

“A Hero Goal Sequence generally consists of 2 to 8 pages of screenplay…in which the hero pursues a single physical, visible, short-term goal as one immediate step in achieving the main overall story objective driving the plot. The Goal Sequence ends when the hero discovers FRESH NEWS, which is some form of new information that effectively ends the necessity to pursue the current goal and creates a new physical, visible, short-term goal - thereby beginning the next Hero Goal Sequence.”

The day after I attended Edson’s presentation, I went to the local Regal Cinema and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. Then I viewed (for the third time) The Hunger Games. Two very different movies, but the Hero Goal Sequences leapt out at me in both. The next movie you watch, see if you can spot the Hero Goal Sequences.

As with other well-known approaches to screenwriting and story structure, Edson’s paradigm includes rising tension and major hooks at the end Acts I and II. But his interpretation is a little different and well worth a visit to his website for a free download of his analysis of Back to the Future. Or, for a more full explanation and more analysis, consider purchasing The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take.
Happy writing!
~Ariella Moon

Spell Struck, Book 2 in the Teen Wytche Saga, has been nominated for a RONE AWARD. Public voting for the YA Paranormal category is open from April 14-20. Follow this link to cast your vote.
Thank you!

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Wounded Soldiers Inspirational Romance

Today I welcome back Felicia Rogers
with the spotlight on
Pearl Valley, Wounded Soldiers Series, Book Two

A town plagued by mysterious fires, and two people struggling to find peace.

Trevor Jacobs, ex-navy seal, lost his leg during a military excursion. Not only is he hampered by physical limitations, but he has to suffer the pitying stares of strangers whenever he ventures into the public eye.

Janie Dossett lost her mother to a fire ten years ago, and her life changed forever. Now she shies away from the public, secluding herself in the only place she feels comfortable, her hometown.

When Trevor Jacobs shows up searching for Jane Dossett, Janie doesn’t readily reveal herself. Trevor is seeking something from her, something she doesn’t think she can give.

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The ladder stabilized, and she looked down to find a tall man, his head covered in a cowboy hat, holding the ladder in place.
“Come on down, miss. I’ll hold it steady.”
Frozen with fear, it took a few moments for her to move.
He said, “Am I going to have to come up and get you? I can do it, but then I’ll be putting both our lives in the hands of these kids down here, and I don’t think you want me to do that.”
Janie shook her head and slowly descended. When her foot touched the ground, she felt unsteady. She shot her hand out, and it landed on the well-muscled arm of the man before her.
“Are you okay?” he asked, drawing his brows together.
She nodded and closed her eyes as she waited for the stars to disappear. “I’ll be fine if you can just give me a minute.”
She felt the pressure of his hand as he guided her to the bleachers and helped her sit down.
“Place your head between your knees.”
“Are you sure? I mean won’t that make me more dizzy?”
“Are you going to question everything I say?”
Obeying his firm words, Janie placed her head between her knees.
“Now breathe real deep. Give it a few minutes and then lift your head real slow. I’ll be right beside you when you come up.”
The deep breaths calmed her rapid pulse, and when she opened her eyes, the stars were gone. She lifted her head slowly and stared at his face. He smiled, showing a row of perfectly white teeth.
“Do you feel okay?” He’d positioned his arms on either side of her, like in a big hug, so if she toppled in either direction he was ready to catch her. Staring at his face, she found she couldn’t answer.


Pearl Valley is a contemporary suspense romance and the sequel to Diamond Mine. Want to know what readers have said about Diamond Mine?

“Felicia Rogers' Diamond Mine is an impulsive, adventurous tale of friendship, loyalty and love. This exciting and fast-paced novel will leave you mooning over the characters and yearning for more. I loved every second!” –Chamera Sampson, author and reviewer

“A great read! Real, likable, and relatable characters. I loved this story it was filled with drama, suspense, and love...but there were 2 things that stood out...the 1st was the way Felicia incorporated God into real life it really is more about the way you act not just what you say the 2nd was the bringing to light the real danger of human trafficking that goes on in this world still today that as Americans we are pretty blinded to.” –Danielle Williams, reader

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Felicia Rogers

Felicia Rogers is an author of multiple novels and novellas. When she's not writing, Felicia volunteers with the Girl Scouts of America, teaches at a local homeschooling group, hikes, and spends time with her family.

To find out more information about Felicia Rogers visit the sites below. She loves hearing from her readers.


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Mermaids, Zombies, and a Sea Witch - Oh My!

Mermaids and zombies? Expect the unexpected with fantasy author, Nicole Zoltack!

Welcome Nicole! Please get us up to date on your new novella.

Blurb:  Sirena never thought a trip to the surface would change her life forever until she meets Kristian. The sea might hold her body, but Kristian now holds her heart. Their love can never be, however, for she is a mermaid and he a human.

Rushing to steal some time with him, Sirena swims as if sharks are after her only to find Kristian's lifeless body in the sea. Heartbroken, she turns to a sea dragon witch. With the promise to bring Kristian back to life at the mere cost of Sirena's memories of him, the sea witch works her magic. Only, Sirena isn't specific enough with her request, and her love returns as a zombie who threatens the mortal world.

Longing to fill the emptiness inside, Sirena swims to the surface and discovers a distraught child crying about a monster eating his family. Appalled at the notion, she promises to slay the monster, not knowing she is seeking to destroy the man she loves.    

Bio: Nicole Zoltack loves to write in many genres, especially romance, whether fantasy, paranormal, or regency. When she’s not writing about knights, superheroes, or zombies, she loves to spend time with her loving husband and three energetic young boys. She enjoys riding horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the PA Renaissance Faire, dressed in garb. She’ll also read anything she can get her hands on. Her current favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. To learn more about Nicole and her writing, visit

Buy the book

Nicole Zoltack
~Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight~
Kingdom of Arnhem trilogy: Woman of Honor, Knight of Glory, & Champion of Valor
New Release: BLACK HELLEBORE - Perfect for any superhero fan
Newest Release: MASKED LOVE - A heartwarming Christmas Regency novella
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April's Pink Full Moon

April’s Pink Full Moon

The full moon on April 15 at 3:42 am (Eastern Daylight Time) will not appear pink, despite its name. The appellation refers instead to ground phlox, one of the earliest spring blooming flowers. The April full moon is also known as the Wind Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon.

The moon may have a reddish tint because of the total lunar eclipse, which will be visible throughout North America beginning at 3:46 am EDT and lasting for an hour and eighteen minutes. The total eclipse may stir personal and public disruptions. Adding to the chaos, Pluto begins its five-month retrograde, bringing upheaval and transformation starting April 14. (Photo credit: David Dickinson.

Moon Magic

Hunker down and stay calm.

Avoid performing magic while the moon is void of course on April 15 from 3:42 am until it enters Scorpio at12:20 pm (EDT). If you wish to work with Libra’s WE BALANCE energy, perform moon magic on April 14 before the moon becomes void of course.

The challenge this month will be to remain centered, grounded, innovative, and patient. Coat a green or white candle with olive oil and crushed lavender. If you feel you need protection, add fresh rosemary to the mix. As you light the candlewick, envision grounding roots sprouting from the soles of your feet and plunge them deep into the earth to ground yourself. See yourself as calm and able to remain steadily on task. You are the still eye of the storm.

Rooted and strong,
I can do no wrong.

Goals I attain.
Calm I remain.

Rooted and strong,
I can do no wrong.

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RosaLinda Diaz Introduces Bee Stings

RosaLinda Diaz is my guest today, with her new release, Bee Stings.

Distractions can be an author's enemy. How do you stay focused when you write? 

Music keeps me focused while I write. I create playlists for my novels. As I look over this list the songs seem incongruous to a chick-lit novel, but they evoke the push and pull at the heart of Bee Stings.
My top ten Bee Stings songs: Lauryn Hill: I Used to Love Him, Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, Just Friends, Me and Mr. Jones, Love is a Losing Game, Christina Aguilera: Mercy on Me, Bruce Springsteen: Dancing in the Dark, Gwen Stefani: Yummy, Jeff Buckley: Lover, You Should Have Come Over, Justin Timberlake: Damn Girl.
I even have character playlists, but let's not go down that rabbit hole!


The decisions we make create and destroy us.  Fourth grade teacher Poppy
Rodriguez thinks she has all the answers, and realizes, perhaps too late, that she needs schooling in just about every area, especially love--oh, and baking.

A novice in the kitchen and the bedroom Poppy samples both, while surrendering to Michael Borchard’s irresistible charm, when she joins his baking class. There are a couple hiccups––it’s a kids’ class, and he’s married. Poppy and Michael improvise a recipe for passion that hits all the right spots. Their honeyed entanglement becomes increasingly sticky as his wife and her past muddy their budding romance. Is love stronger than circumstances, or will Poppy succumb to the sweetest temptation?

Excerpt from Bee Stings

I completely forgot to buy pastries this morning. The ominous, glowing, red digital clock on the wall reads eight fourteen. There are exactly eleven minutes for me to go to the supermarket three miles away, fight morning drop-off traffic, and set up the teachers’ lounge. After weighing my options of not providing treats today, versus facing Michael, I take a deep breath, zip my Sunny Vale Elementary hoodie, and start walking.
The little bell tinkles as I step inside the bakery. I’m instantly surrounded by the warm inviting scent of baking bread. There’s no one behind the counter, and I let out the breath I’m holding.
“Hello?” I call to the empty room. “Michael? I need your help.” There is no reply, or noise of any kind from the kitchen. “It’s Fat Friday, right now, and I totally forgot. Help.”
Michael appears, grinning roguishly. He looks incredibly sexy with his bed-head, white T-shirt, faded jeans and red apron; he’s sort of a more domestic, approachable bad boy, but with the same rakish edge. I need to stop coming here.
“So, that’s what it takes. I’ll make a mental note,” he says, and slides two large, bubblegum-pink bakery boxes across the counter.
I’m speechless.
“It’s not like you haven't been doing this all year, every six weeks right? I just figured you forgot to call in your order last night.” He opens a box to reveal the most delectable pastries imaginable. They look even better than the ones in the display cases.
“You’ve just saved my life,” I say, strongly resisting the urge to vault over the counter. “There’s no telling the wrath that would have been unleashed if I’d shown up empty-handed.”
“My pleasure, and there’s no charge,” he replies, blushing, or maybe it’s just hot in here.
“I can’t let you do that. Please, let me pay,” I say, nudging the credit card along the box edge.
“Why won’t you join my baking class?” he says, pushing the credit card toward me. “Once you master the basic principles, I’ll create an expanded lesson just for you. Then you’ll be learning more and feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. How about it?” he says in practically a whisper... our little secret. He gently grasps my hand.
The bakery door flies open; three of my former students, followed closely by a trendy mom wearing a pink velour track suit, stroll inside. He releases my hand.
“You realize this will give my students reason to mock me for the rest of the year,” I tell him.
“But the year’s half over,” he says, watching as I pick up the pastry boxes. “Is that smile a yes?”
“See you Tuesday,” I reply.
The heat of his gaze follows me to the door, but the brisk spring air slaps me across the face and back to reality. I’m late.

About the Author: RosaLinda Diaz, was raised in a particularly magical section of Los Angeles; between the original Disney Hyperion Studios and Snow White’s Cottages. The magic in the air and soil gave her already active imagination roots and wings. Wings that took her gypsying around Europe, Australia, and Africa, and roots that brought her back to California to earn her B.A. at Pepperdine University. She makes her home in California’s Central Coast igniting the fire of creativity and sparking imaginations with her endeavors. 

Connect with RosaLinda Social Media links: 
RosaLinda Twitter: @GitanaRosa
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