Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Festivals: 52 Fun Things To Do in 52 Weeks, #6

Summer is a great time to dive into culture and explore fun, free festivals. Cities large and small abound with free concerts, and art and book festivals. I just returned from the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California, and will be signing books June 11 at B-Fest. So this week’s 52 Fun Things To Do in 52 Weeks is…drum roll…Attend A Book Festival!

3 Reasons to Attend a Summer Festival
1.     They are free.
2.     They appeal to all ages.
3.     They are a great way to discover and meet new authors, artists, and musicians.

Nationwide, Barnes and Noble will celebrate teens, and young adult fiction, on June 10-12, 2016. Expect book signings with YA authors, author panels, swag, and more. Adults read the majority of Young Adult fiction, so I expect B-Fest’s appeal to extend beyond teens. 

I will be signing Spell Check and The Beltane Escape at 10 AM, June 11, at the Westfield Mall in Palm Desert. Expect magical swag, and yummy homemade cookies or brownies.

Bay Area Book Festival

Make a note of this event for next year. The free festival included great music at the Center Street Stage, author panels, book signings, and more. I enjoyed meeting new authors and local booksellers, and perusing book-related merchandise.

Do you know of any great summer festivals in your area? Please comment so others can discover these events, too. And if you attend B-Fest, check back and tell me what you thought.

Happy reading!
Copyright 2016 Ariella Moon

Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Signing News!

Meet me at B-Fest!

Book lovers please join me at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Barnes and Noble in the Westfield Mall, Palm Desert. I will be signing The Beltane Escape and Spell Check, and giving away magical swag while supplies last!

Contest for Aspiring Authors

Once again I will be a First-Round Judge for the Heart-to-Heart contest. This competition is great for receiving constructive feedback. And, if you are one of the top three finalists in your category, your manuscript will be read by an agent and two editors! For details on how to enter, click here.

I hope you have a magical day!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amazon/ Barnes & Noble Gift Card Giveaway!

You know I have a soft spot for dragons (Spell Fire), so how could I pass up the chance to feature
Descended From Dragons by Tricia Owens? Be sure to enter the Giveaway raffle to win a 

$75.00 Amazon/Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

Descended From Dragons
by Tricia Owens

GENRE: Urban Fantasy/PNR (sweet, sensual)


Beneath the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas lies another city. A secret city in plain sight, full of warlocks and demons, shape-shifters and golems. A city that feeds off the chance magick that is generated by gamblers and which is ruled by mysterious beings called the Oddsmakers.

It is in this strange underbelly of the occult that Anne Moody runs a cursed pawn shop for the desperate, the curious, and the magickally inclined. Though the job is boring, it keeps her under the radar. None of her customers have any inkling that she is a dragon sorceress with a power that's been feared throughout history. However dragons are no help when a stone statue ends up in her shop that is more than it appears. The statue is a gargoyle named Vale, who is shrouded in mystery and secrets. When she learns that Vale is possessed, and that the person responsible for cursing him plans to take over Las Vegas with a horde of demons from Hell, Anne realizes it is up to her to defy the Oddsmakers and save the city, and possibly the world.



After silently parting the bead curtain I paused just at the threshold, listening. The shop was spooky enough without the lights on thanks to all the strange silhouettes, but knowing that half the objects were also cursed gave me another reason to shiver as I panned my gaze over the place.

Tick tick tick

I sent Lucky toward the sound. My dragon flew a loose circle around the left side of the room. That narrowed it down a bit, not that I felt comfortable putting my back to everything that was on the other side of the room. I displayed a few katanas and items that could be used as weapons there, but thankfully none of them were cursed with movement. At least, I hoped not. I guess I'd find out for certain when a spear pierced my back.

A fluttering sound, like the flapping of thick canvas, made me instinctively drop into a crouch. Lucky reared up, ready to attack. But nothing flew overhead. Breathing shallowly, I crawled toward the counter. I'd feel safer behind it and with the wall at my back.

As I rounded the counter, I realized I knew what had had made the noise. The only new thing in my inventory was the gargoyle statue. When I raised my eyes above the countertop, the gargoyle was gone from where it had sat. The cameos were quick to offer their opinions.

"You met the love of your life today…"

"…he'll try to kill you, Anne Moody."

"The cursed shall pay, Anne Moody!"

Yep, the damn gargoyle statue had come to life and was flying around Moonlight. Definitely a way to make me remember you, Christian.


AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Tricia Owens wants you to know that Las Vegas is actually a pretty cool place and you won't be eaten by a troll there. Probably. A former casino games dealer and cruise ship editor, Tricia has traveled extensively, visiting over 70 countries. She writes full time in several genres including urban fantasy and romance. Her favorite setting is her home town, the city of sin.



Tricia Owens will be awarding a $75 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer is for Reading!

Spell Check, Book One: The Teen Wytche Saga, and
The Beltane Escape, Book One: The Two Realms Trilogy
Both by Ariella Moon
The thermometer will climb into the triple digits all this week in the Coachella Valley. So of course, I dream of sitting poolside or at the beach, and reading. Instead, I am locked in my writing cave, finishing the first draft of The Viking Mist, Book Two: The Two Realms Trilogy.

Book Signings!

Saturday, June 4, will find me signing and selling books at the 2016 Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California, where the anticipated high temperature will be a perfect 76 degrees Fahrenheit. I will be at the SF Area Romance Writers of America booth from 1:30-3:30. Please stop by! We will be on "Writer's Row."

For my SoCal fans and friends, you can catch me at the Westfield Mall on June 11 signing books at Barnes & Noble Palm Desert at 10:00 AM for B-Fest, Teen Book Festival.

Stop by and discover two intriguing paranormal Young Adult series. Let the summer reading begin!

Copyright 2016 Ariella Moon

Saturday, May 21, 2016

52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks, #5

My Family Fun, Teen Fun, Friends Fun list continues…

May’s Flower Full Moon will light tonight’s sky. The Old Farmer’s Almanac will stream the moonrise through the Slooh’s Canary Islands Observatory at 5:00 PM PDT, 6:00 PM MDT, 7:00 PM CDT, and 8:00 PM EDT. Watch Here

The flower moon made me think of flowers, and flowers made me think of butterflies. So…

Fun Thing #5: Go On A Butterfly Photo Safari

Cactus, bougainvillea, verbena, and many other plants are blooming in the desert right now. Every day I see bright yellow Sulphur Butterflies flitting about my front patio. But a photo safari takes you beyond your front door. Are you ready for an adventure?

3 Things You Will Need For Your Photo Safari

1  .    A digital camera/smartphone.
I snapped (can I say “snapped” when I used my iPhone camera?) the butterfly photos on this page at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, California. Their Butterflies! Winged Wonders! exhibit closed May 1, but will return in the fall.

2  .    Lots of patience.
Expect to take a lot of photos. Butterflies are not great at Sit. Stay. Some brilliant colors are only revealed when the butterfly’s wings are open. Others, when their wings are closed. Some butterflies are so artfully camouflaged you will have to look hard to find them.

3  .    A Butterfly Field Guide
Great adventures often start with a great book, right? Check your library, online bookstore, or (bless them!) neighborhood bookstore for a Field Guide. For North America, check out Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America.

Butterfly totems represent transformation. So gently go forth and bring Butterfly into your life.

52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks – The List So Far:

   1.     Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
   2.     Experience a Bamboo Forest.
   3.     Enjoy Warthog Piglets.
   4.     Search For Stone People And Animals 
   5.     Go On a Butterfly Photo Safari

Copyright 2016 Ariella Moon

Friday, May 13, 2016

52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks, #4

My Family Fun, Teen Fun, Friends Fun list continues..

52 Fun Things To Do in 52 Weeks

Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park 

Fun Thing #4 Search For Stone People And Animals

When I came upon a stone cow while hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, it reminded me of my friends and family who were born under the sign of Taurus (April 21-May 22). My Taurus tribe members are my rocks. Their slow and steady style calms and reassures me. But like the Bull that symbolizes their sign, I sense Taureans have coiled power.

The stone cow set me on a search for more stone people and animals. At first, my hiking buddy, Judy, thought I was crazy. But then she started spotting faces in the rocks, too. Our hike transformed into a scavenger hunt to see who could find the next stone person first. Imagine what fun children would have searching for stone people and animals!

Although we searched for spirits within the stones, we also encountered several stacked stones, both as trail markers and as art. These reminded me (I am an art historian and shaman) of the Inuit Inunnguaq, stones stacked to resemble humans.

Once you start searching for spirits in rocks, or you create stone sculptures, you’ll discover why these free and imaginative activities are fourth on my list of 52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks!

Coming soon on
Hard lessons learned regarding magic and stones, and the difference between the stone people of the USA and those of the UK.

Top of the Palm Springs Tram, Nature Hike

Some of my most magical adventures began with a book. #LibrariesRock

52 Fun Thing To Do In 52 Weeks – The List So Far:

   1.     Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
   2.     Experience a Bamboo Forest.
   3.     Enjoy Warthog Piglets.
   4.  Search For Stone People And Animals 

Copyright 2016 Ariella Moon