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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fairy Houses in Turkey?

Did fairies once reside in Turkey? Do they still? My friend Christine Hammond sent me this photo from Turkey. She has no idea why the locals call these fairy houses. Anyone out there have the answer?

I've just returned from Wales where fairies - good and bad - abound. The landscape is far different from Turkey. The fairy forests are lush with new growth. Moss drips from the trees forming little anthropomorphic heads. Dryads (tree spirits) watch with unblinking eyes, and tree tangles, mossy boulders, and waist-high ferns hide dark druid caves.

In swift-moving river gorges, bad fairies attract young, up-to-no-good venturers. Slick stones try to lure the foolhardy to premature death. The dryads and skull-like stone people silently warn you to move along.

In one pool, hidden deep in the forest, a dragon peeked out from behind the falls, and water fairies appearing as electric blue lights, clung to the edge of the water. Ah, Wales.

My new novel, Spell Struck, Book 2: The Teen Wytche Saga, releases July 18th. My To Do list is endless. But when the fairies send messages from across the globe, who am I to ignore them?
~Ariella Moon

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