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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lynn Spangler Puts Spell Struck in the Spotlight

Today's To Do list today:

DO: Finish writing Book 3: The Teen Wytche Saga.

DON'T: Finish eating the brownie I bought at Aspen Mills Bakery. (I know I still have 2 pounds to lose, but the bakery is next to my eye doctor, and I had lost my prescription sunglasses. I live in the desert where you can't last a day without sunglasses. So I was sort of forced into buying the brownie.)

I'm sure you understand.
Lynn Spangler

Lynn Spangler

Lynn Spangler

I hope Lynn Spangler's blog is on your To Do list today.

The author of Whiskey Whispers of the Past (intriguing title!) and Love Flourishes, features Spell Struck, Book 2: The Teen Wytche Saga, on her blog today. Please stop by and tell her "hi."

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