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Monday, May 27, 2013

Beltane Magic - Follow the Signs


Beltane — Follow the Magic

                                    Photo by By Angi Unruh (Flickr) under Creative Commons
Throughout May we’ve celebrated and invoked the fiery passion of Beltane. Perhaps you burned frankincense, planted lemon balm, or honored the goddess Diana, Artemis, Cybele, or Aphrodite. You may have created a Beltane bowl to concentrate the power of your wish or intention. As May draws to a close, watch for signs that the Universe is supporting your Beltane magic.


What desire did you present to the Universe? Like dreams, messages from the Universe can be highly symbolic or metaphoric. They might manifest in nature—a heart shaped rock, an unusual cloud formation, or an unexpected wildlife sighting. ( is an excellent resource for understanding animal totems.) When Iris, Mercury, and other air goddesses and gods deliver a message to humans, they shift into a shape the intended recipient of the message can recognize. The form will have personal meaning to the recipient and may symbolize the outcome he or she hopes to achieve, or an action that must be taken. Since I have a Master’s Degree in Art History, my messages often appear as paintings that flash in my mind. Once I interpret what the painting symbolizes to me, the message becomes clear. As a shaman, I honor nature, so I also receive many messages in the form of animal totems. 

                                                                                                            Messenger God Mercury
                                                                                   Photo By Michal Maňas under Creative Commons

While tracking signs, remember to keep up your part of the bargain. If your passion was a project you wanted to launch, continue to invest your energy and focus on the project’s success. If your desire was to bring new love into your life, make room in your home for that person and become the type of person you wish to meet. Like attracts like.

Where intention goes, energy flows. 

~Ariella Moon

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