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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ariella Moon meets Ariel from Guide Dogs of the Desert

Meeting Between Ariella and Ariel

A new friend recently introduced me to Ariel, a 5 year old standard poodle who was retired from Guide Dogs of the Desert breeding program after one litter. (Ariel had a chronic ear infection.) 

Christine Hammond (below, driving the snazzy convertible) said, "Ariella, meet Ariel." 
Hope Miss Gracie doesn't find out!

Even Authors Need a Lunch Break

Once you ride in a convertible, there is no turning back. This would make me an official SoCal Gal, except I haven't survived a desert summer yet. At the wheel-Christine Hammond, one of Ariel's "moms." Christine rescued me from nonstop work on my third book, Ditched for the Holidays. Even authors need lunch! Now back to writing. I'd love to finish writing Ditched before Spell Struck comes out. Over 36,000 words and counting!

Love and light,

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