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Friday, December 5, 2014

December: Long Nights Moon

Full Moon December 2014: Long Nights Moon

December 6, 2014, 7:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, the Long Nights Moon, also known as the Cold Moon or the Full Moon Before Yule.

The Gemini Full Moon promises improved communication. It is a good time to negotiate, network, and disseminate your thoughts and ideas.

Moon Magic
December’s Full Moon is an ideal time for magic utilizing the colors, spices, and plants associated with Yule.
Magical Plant Correspondences
Cinnamon: Burn as an incense or add to oil rubbed on a green candle to attract money or raise spiritual and protective vibrations.

Holly: Hang holly sprigs around the house for protection and good luck. Or throw holly onto the fire to sever your connection to past troubles and purify for the coming year.

Evergreens: Create a Yule wreath to symbolize the cycle of life and the unbroken wheel of the year.
Mistletoe: Revered by Druids, mistletoe is used in protective and love magic. Burn mistletoe to banish evil. Kiss your loved one beneath mistletoe to remain in love.

Pine: Burn pine needles to purify your home. Carry pinecones to increase vigor and fertility. Place a pine branch over your front door to ensure joy.

Magical Color Correspondences

White: Protection, peace, purification, spirituality. White can stand in for any other color.

Red: Lust, strength, courage, power.

Green: Money, prosperity, luck.

Make every Full Moon magical.
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