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Monday, July 21, 2014

Win a Free Young Adult book during the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop!

Celebrate Christmas in July with a Free ebook Copy of 

Spell Fire, Book #3, The Teen Wytche Saga by Ariella Moon

Here in the California desert, July temperatures can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 Celsius). So who wouldn't want to escape into a Christmas book? I'll be giving away one ebook copy of Spell Fire, a sweet, Young Adult paranormal romance.

A dragon wants to be her new BFF.
There is something her boyfriend isn’t telling her.
And no one will explain the hissing spell book.

Second worst Christmas EVER! 

High school sophomore Ainslie Avalon-Bennett works hard to hide her Crazy Girl past. But as long as her best friend’s disappearance remains unsolved, she can’t shake the depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder that once landed her in a mental ward. Then she meets Thor Grael, a teen dragon shaman who spikes her pulse and calms her OCD.  But will Ainslie lose him once he discovers her past? Or will Thor’s deadly secret be their undoing?

USA Today chose the Spell Fire Book trailer as a "Must-see"!

Congratulations to Giveaway Winner Brandi Dagwan!

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  1. Happy Christmas in July! Thank you for the giveaway. You can check out my Christmas in July Giveaway here.

    1. Hi E.J! Thanks for stopping by! And Happy Christmas in July to you, too! Thanks for the link!

  2. I was #49 on your amazon like page. Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. Awesome, Linda Romer! I just saw you on my Facebook page, too! Good luck!