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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February's Snow Moon on Valentine's Day

To the Native Americans, February’s Full Moon represented a period of heavy snowfall and a scarcity of game. The moon was known by many names, including the Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, and Bone Moon.

For a video on the Snow Moon, please visit the Old Farmer's Almanac:

This year, the Leo Snow Moon (6:53 pm Eastern Standard Time) coincides with Valentine's Day. So how does a moon traditionally associated with desperate times influence romance?

Isabel M. Hickey (Astrology A Cosmic Science) describes Leo as “Fire of the heart: the steady controlled fire of affection.” Leo moons are a time to sparkle, shine, and celebrate. Sounds great, right? But the presence of mischief-maker, Mercury in retrograde, warrants some caution. Double check your potential new love match to make sure he/she is who they say they are.

The Moon in Leo
During January’s Wolf Moon, the I WILL motto of Leo helped you illuminate your path and set New Year’s resolutions. On February 14, the Leo Snow Moon becomes void of course (the time just before the moon enters a new planet, when it makes a final angular relationship/aspect to another planet*) at 10:13 pm EST. Avoid performing magic when the moon is in void of course, lest your spell goes terribly awry. The moon will stay void of course until February 15 when it enters Virgo at 2:26 am EST.

If your intention this month is growth and positive change, then harness Leo’s power on February 13. If your intention is to diminish something — break a bad habit, release an old belief/relationship/job that no longer serves you — then wait until February 15 and work with Virgo’s I ANALYZE energies that can sharpen the mind and help you problem solve.

Stone Magic Ritual
Because of this year’s Valentine’s Day connection, I propose a moon ritual concerning love. For love spells, releasing love spells, and loving yourself spells, and a video on how to perform a candle magic love spell, visit my spells page:

Step-by-step instructions for a candle magic love spell can be found in my January 24 blog post:

NEVER direct a love spell at a specific person. Instead, ask the Universe for someone with the qualities you desire.

1.     Place a white, pink, or red cloth on your altar. Adorn the altar with fresh jasmine, roses, cornflowers, lavender, orchids, or pansies.
2.     Determine your intention. Use the criteria above to determine which day will best boost your intent.
3.     Choose a stone best aligned with your intention. Aventurine to soothe a wounded heart, jade for love and luck, peridot for emotional balance, red jasper for earthly love, rose quartz for healing the heart, or ruby for love and passion.
4.     Hold the stone in your projective hand (your non-dominate hand), palm facing moonward. Tune into the energies of the stone and the moon.
5.     Focus on your intention (i.e. releasing heartache, loving yourself, attracting love). Mentally draw down a beam of moon energy into the stone. Visualize the moon’s energy charging the stone, and then passing through it into your heart chakra. Pull the energy up through the crown chakra on top of your head and send it back to the moon. Create a loop of energy cycling through the moon, stone, heart chakra, and back to the moon.
6.     As the energy flows through you, envision what you’d like to attract or release.
7.     When the energy ebbs, thank and release any deities, spirits, guardians, or guides that attended your ritual.
8.     Cleanse the stone by rubbing it with salt and then holding it under flowing water.

*Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2014
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©2014 by Ariella Moon

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