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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Definition of Conflict

Years ago at a writing conference, a famous author defined conflict as "two dogs, one bone." Never has that been more true in the Moon household. However, since the arrival of my new puppy, Avalon, the contention hasn't been over bones, but rather, "squirrel" and "elephant."

Although Gracie is part dragon hatchling...

Avalon has youth and ninja superpowers.

Miss Gracie has retreated to her dragon cave to ponder this unforeseen turn of events. Surly and calculating, she plans to draw upon the wisdom of the Great Dragon and forge a plan to defeat the usurper, Avalon.

Meanwhile, "elephant" has gone into hiding until the plot points get worked out. If you think you have sighted elephant, please leave a comment. Squirrel is in desperate need of allies.

Dragon warriors, please channel the Great Dragon, or offer up advice to Miss Gracie via the more mundane process of commenting.

Ninjas, Avalon gives you two flying through the air paws up.

~Ariella Moon

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