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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Review: The Fourth Wing (Empyrean Book 1)

I loved this Coming of Age, Fish Out of Water, and Redemption story set in Rebecca Yarros's magical Fourth Wing. Every page, sometimes every paragraph, is filled with internal or external conflict as Violet Sorrengail, whose mother is the commanding general of the Basgiath War College, forces her bookish daughter into the brutal Dragon Riders Quadrant. Violet faces daily life or death situations - because of her mother, because of her small size and fragile condition, and because of Xaden Riorson and other marked separatists cadets whose parents were executed as traitors during the rebellion.

Violet must draw upon the knowledge she acquired in the Archives to outsmart and outwit her deadly opponents and be chosen by a dragon. But her greatest threat - her wingleader, Xander Riorson - may not be exactly what Violet first thought.

Normally, I shy away from books littered with F-bombs. The word often appears gratuitous and indicating a lack of imagination. But in Fourth Wing, the expletives felt organic and appropriate.

I look forward to reading the next book in the Empyrean series!

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Happy summer reading!


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