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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Comic Con Palm Springs

 Adventures at Comic Con Palm Springs

Ariella Moon
Comic Con Palm Springs
On Saturday, I was the lone half-Viking/half-fairy (impersonating Talfryn from The Beltane Escape) in a convention hall packed with people embodying Poison Ivy, Storm, Superman, Batman, and various other beings from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and The Walking Dead, etc. I owed my appearance at the inaugural Comic Con Palm Springs to Bob Gibbs, Community Relations Manager, at Barnes & Noble Palm Desert.

Three of my books, The Beltane Escape, Spell Check, and Spell Struck, filled my tiny book signing table. With a bit of squishing, we made room for my fairy lantern and some swag. Foam board posters for The Two Realms Trilogy and The Teen Wytche Saga had to be tucked under the table as the crowds swelled.

3 Things I Learned About Comic Con Palm Springs

1.     Most of the attendees were Con veterans.
I met only a handful of people who, like me, had never attended a Comic Con before. Most of the people I spoke with were San Diego Comic Con regulars, and they all had high praise for the Palm Springs event. Most were from Los Angeles and other southern California cities.

2.     Comic Con attracts a wide demographic.
Families with babies, young children and pre-teens were out in force, along with teens, and every age up to 92 if you count Stan Lee. No single gender, ethnicity, or age group dominated. Comic Con Palm Springs was a true melting pot.

3.     Photo opportunities abound.
People dressed to be seen and photographed. Barnes and Noble had secured an end booth located on a pedestrian intersection. A steady stream, and in the case of poor Pikachu—a mob—gathered to photograph and meet an amazing array of costumed folk. For the most part, conventioneers were very respectful, and asked permission before photographing. I felt like a Disney princess whenever children reacted with happy surprise when they saw me, a benign little fairy with purple and blue hair. I was the least scary costumed person 
at Comic Con. An unfortunate zombie stampede 
proved way to scary for some children.

Comic Con Palm Springs has made me a convert. I look forward to next year’s event.

Thank you, Bob, Brian, Marisol, and Brooke, at Barnes and Noble, Palm Desert, for your kind and generous support!

Copyright 2016 Ariella Moon

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